Howto add disk resource in windows failover cluster from command line

Posted on February 4, 2014



Cluster nodes = two

Cluster nodes OS = Windows2008R2


Today we will add a disk under Microsoft Failover Cluster from command line. Recently I faced an issue in which I was not able to see a shared SAN drive under Storage => Microsoft Failover Cluster. I fixed it and decided to share the same activity.

Step-1 Run the following command

c:\> cluster res "DataDisk" /create /group:"Available Storage" /type:"Physical Disk"

(DataDisk will be the resource name)

Step-2 Run the following command


DISKPART> list disk                                                    (list all disks)

DISKPART> select disk 1                                             (select the disk which you want to add as disk resource)

DISKPART> detail disk                                                (Note DiskID value and apply it with the below command)

Step-3 Run the following command

C:\>cluster res "Quorum Disk" /priv DiskSignature=xxxxxxxx

Please Note: convert the value Disk ID from Hexa to Decimal. I did it from the below web.

Step-4 Run the following command

You may online now from command OR from Microsoft Failover Cluster

C:\>cluster res "Quorum Disk" /on

Please Note: If you are using ISCSI initiator, Before switchover the Disk Resource to other Cluster node make sure that the iSCSI initiator should have access to the disk.

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