If you lose your Data you lost your Business !

Posted on March 21, 2013


Backups are the first stage to keep your business at safe side. If you lose your Data you lost your Business. It is the Insurance policy for your company. Think if you never leave insurance policy for your brand new car then why keeping the business at risk ! In this Blog we will discuss some of the Key Points which a Business should never ignore.


It gives confidence to all persons who are either Customers OR Employees of the organization, that the company is ready to face crises in case of disaster. This shows you are not going to be astonish at the time of disaster.

Data Corruption

As we are use to watching and listening to about data corruption, deletion due to Viruses or Worms attack. This keep you satisfied that you have at least a copy of data less outdated depend of you RPO.


For me its an insurance policy for Businesses. Its not just to get backups for the sake of backups. There should be a planned drill to verify the backups. In case of restore failed at the time of recovery. Think your parachute is not opening !!

One more thing the backups should be placed out of the organization premises on timely bases. The locations could be Bank Lockers/ DR Sites or any suitable and safe place.


Note: “If you are ignoring the Backups for your Business then just think for a second where you stand if you dont have your Business Critical Data”. For example : Suppose a Bank lost our few customers Bank Account details due to Virus Attack , then what would be the case.