Howto run Application on Windows which installed on Linux

Posted on November 23, 2012



Windows XP with Service Pack3

Linux 4.1


We want to run vmplayer on Windows XP machine which(vmplayer) is installed on a Linux Red Hat Enterprise machine.

– We need to have putty software which we can find very easily when we do google.

– We need x-server on Windows XP machine which help putty to run the vmplayer on windows XP machine which(vmplayer) actually installed on Linux Redhat machine. You may goole for the X-Server software, In my case I used XMING from on of the below link.


– Now we need to add some changes in putty as mentioned below.

  • Select the session from the saved session in the “Session” panel and click “Load”.
  • Use the “Connection – SSH – X11” panel, and check the “Enable X11 forwarding” box.(You can also find more infor regarding this from the below mentioned link)
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