Vyatta lost the restored data after reboot

Posted on September 15, 2012



#show version
Version:      VC6.1-2010.08.20
Description:  Vyatta Core 6.1 2010.08.20

  • We backed up vyatta config.boot file via the below command

$ configure

# save FileName

The config.boot file data saved under FileName  file         (/opt/vyatta/etc/config is the PATH where config.boot file will save)

  • suppose this vyatta machine’s hard disk crashed after few days.
  • we created a new vyatta installation on the same machine with new hard disk and restored the backed up file. See the below command for restore

$ configure

# load FileName

  • we verified all things restored and works 100% fine
  • now we rebooted the vyatta
  • after reboot we did not able to see the restored data and only able to view the newly installed config.boot file.
  • What we feel that vyatta rebooted with the default config.boot file and discarded the restored file. assume that when the config.boot file restored now vyatta has two config.boot file’s image. One was default and second was restored. When we restart the vyatta the vyatta discarded the restore image and keep the default image, as vyatta has to keep one config.boot file. 

Note: Until restart vyatta the restored config.boot file is the loaded and current file of vyatta.

How to fix it

When you restored the backed up config.boot file do any minor changes like just enable or disable the https service or ssh service (example: load file name => set ssh “change any thing” => save)

commit and save it

Now this will elaborated vyatta that save the changes in to the config.boot file which is right now the current (restored config.boot file). Doing this discarded the default config.boot file(which comes with the newly installed vyatta) and will keep the restored file as default config.boot file. Now when you restart vyatta the config.boot file will be loaded which you restored.

One more thing. If you are going to restore the vyatta backed up file on a different machine. Just replace the MAC addresses of old vyatta machine with the MAC addresses of new vyatta machine in the config.boot file. If you cant do this your vyatta interfaces will show problem when you run the command show interfaces.

I hope this blog will help you.

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