Howto Restore Exchange Granular Backup OR Howto Restore Individual Mailbox From Exchange Backup

Posted on March 1, 2012


Today we will explain Howto Restore Individual Mailbox From Exchange Granular Backup


Veritas Netbackup = 6.5.3 or higher

Exchange Backup = Granular

Exchange Server version = Exchange2003 or higher



Restore Procedure:

1. Open “Backup, Archive and Restore” and click on File than click on “Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type” and then “Policy Type for restore” to MS-Exchange-Server and then click OK. See the below snaps for reference.

Exchange Granular RestoreSelect MS-Exchange-Server under Policy type and restores:

Exchange Granular Restore

Click on “Restore from Normal Backup” . See the below snap for reference:

Exchange Granular Restore
Choose any mailbox under “Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes” in the restore window. Now select the Mailbox as per your desire
Exchange Granular Restore
click “Start Restore of Marked Files”
Exchange Granular Restore
See the below as well as its also important. You can overwrite the item and also you can restore it to another location.
Exchange Granular Restore 

After clicking the restore verify the item which you restored.

Exchange Granular Restore