Disaster Recovery Plan should be ready for companies

Posted on October 26, 2011


God forbid in your city you can face catastrophic situation such as flood, suffering from heavy rains, Earthquake which can cause physical damage your business and resulting your business halt.

There is a suggestion for every business that there should be a Disaster Recovery plan in place and there may be a person or team (depend on the company need) who look and make strategy to evacuate the company from this situation or have a strategy to follow in this situation.

Those people have the responsibility to access the damage and quickly follow the Disaster and Recovery plan which should be already in place or may document for example:

  • Acquire funds for the damage equipment or either coordinate with the insurance company (for compensate).
  • Resume your work/production/services from a different region.
  • There must be many companies which don’t have their branches spanned across globe or even country wide so there may be much challenges for those companies.
  • You may also coordinate with your workers which were moved from city/state while the disastrous situation so that they may return and resume the work, could be from temporary location.

If you have a plan of Disaster and Recovery in place so this may lead your company to recover as fast as possible in this situation and you could resume the services or production without losing time.

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