“Warning: unable to obtain list of files using specified search criteria”

Posted on October 23, 2011




Veritas Netbackup = 7.1

OS of Veritas Netbackup Server = win2008



I am trying to browse the backup images of Flat files from Backup , Archive and Restore but not able to get it. See the below attached snap for reference:

Note: I was able to take the backup successfully and restore too but today morning I am facing this problem. I can also see the latest backups are available in Catalog


One more thing actually these are the backups of September 7(which is actually old) which shows default when I open the Backup Archive and restore but when I click on restore button so that I can pick the latest Full backup (which is also shows in the Catalog) , I get the mentioned error.

Second thing is the source tab has the computer whose backup I took and the destination tab is a different computer (I also select the same source PC too in the destination tab just for checking).



Although this is not the case which required the solution, this may be I turn a blind eye on the source and destination tab but this could happen with someone else so I am writing this BLOG too.

Problem resolved. Actually I dig more and found that my Client rename the server name and mentioned old server name in the source tab which obsiously had few old backups (which was showing if you see the above picture)and the new server name is almost similar which has new backups and my client did not mention properly the new server name in the source tab.  

So just because the source name was incorrect I was facing the error.