Restore NBU Backup images from a different NBU Server

Posted on July 15, 2011


My Environment

NBU version = 7
OS=Win2008 Enterprise with Service Pack 2
Note:- In the below activity my Source NBU Server have different name and the Target NBU Server have a different name.
Source NBU Server = The NBU Server whose you only have the Backup Images
Target NBU Server = The NBU Server on which you are going to restore the Backup Images.


We only have NBU Server backup images which we want to restore via other NBU Server. In this exercise you can imagine that your Source NBU Server is crashed and you only have NBU Server backup images on the SAN Drive and you dont have any Catalog backup and you want to restore the backup on urgent basis.

Note:- There is NBU Server recovery method in which we recover the NBU Server from very scratch but we have to need the Catalog backup and DR file. In this exercise we just want to restore the Backup Images of a crashed NBU Server ASAP on a different NBU Server without Catalog and DR file as i have already said earlier.

Second in this exercise we will not be able to recover the policies, DSU. We only able to access our Backup images files and restore them.


We need to create a NBU Server with same version of NBU and OS , the same version of OS and NBU of which we have NBU backup images (i did not try to check the Source NBU Server and Target NBU Server with different NBU and OS version)


In our scenerio we have NBU backup images on basic disk not on tape cartriges.


1.) First we have to send the DSU’s (Disk Storage Units) to the target NBU Server which we want to restore from a different NBU Server. Here the DSU means the folders on which you have the Backup Images resides.

2.) The NBU backup images which you want to restore via other NBU Server place those Backup Images on the same Volume / Drive Latter of the Target NBU Server.

3.) Open Netbackup Admin Console and follow the below snaps step by step.

In the above snap click on initiate import.

In the above two snaps we have selected the DSU (Disk Storage Unit) folders which Backup Images we want to restore from a different NBU Server. Click on OK

After click on OK you will see the below message

After click on OK wait few seconds and then click on Search then you will find the Backup Images as highlighted in below snap.

Now select the Backup Images and click on Import.

Note:- As the below snap shows select the Import in the Action box. Also see the values of Disk Types.

After click on Import see the Activity Monitor to show the progress of import as the below snap shows a successfull import of Source NBU Backup Images.

Now see the below snap in which we select the Verify value in the Action box and click on Search then you will see the Backup Images. Here you are ready and can restore the Backup Image of the Source NBU Server which you have successfully imported on a different NBU Server.