Howto take Sharepoint Backup

Posted on July 15, 2011


Today we are going to discuss howto take the backup of MS Sharepoint Portal Server. In this environment we have created a two Servers environment. One will play role as a Frontend Server and the second Server will work as a Backend Server.


Netbackup Server Version = 7.01
Netbackup Server OS version = win2003 with SP2
Netbackup Client version = 7.01
Client OS version = win2003
MS Sharepoint Portal Server = 2007
Portal Server OS = win2003
Portal machines = one Frontend one Backend Server

(Note: you will face problem while backing up Sharepoint if you have Netbackup version 7. For a reference kindly see the below post:

Howto start backing up MS Sharepoint Portal Environment

1. Create a Netbackup policy for MS Sharepoint Portal

To start backup we first need to create a backup policy under Netbackup. I have attached snapshots on howto create a Netbackup Policy for MS Sharepoint Portal for reference.

2. Create a Domain user 
We need to create a Domain User required for MS Sharepoint backup. I have attached a Video on howto create a Domain User Account for reference.

3. Give two rights in Local Security Policy to user (created in step-2) on Frontend and Backend Servers
Under Local Security Policy on both machines(Frontend and Backend Servers) give two mentioned rights. I have attached snapshot on How to give required rights for reference.

4. Netbackup Client Service run under the User Account (created in step-2) on Frontend and Backend Servers
On both Servers(Frontend and Backend) we run the Netbackup Client Service under the User Account (created in step-2). I have attached snapshot on “how Netbackup Client Service run under the Domain Account”. We must mentioned the User Account in Netbackup Client Service which we created in step-2.

5. User Account have Local Administrator Rights (created in step-2) on Frontend and Backend Servers
On both Servers(Frontend and Backend) we give the rights of local admin to the user created in step-2.  I have attached snapshots on How to give local admin rights for reference.

6. User Account (created in step-2) have Sharepoint Administrator Rights under Sharepoint Central Administration
In this step we will open the SharePoint web and give the rights of SharePoint Administrator under SharePoint Central Administration to the user we have created in step-2. I have attached snapshots on How to give SharePoint admin rights for reference.

7. User Account (created in step-2) have “SysAdmin” rights under backend Server/SQL Server
In this step we will give the SysAdmin rights (to the user created in step-2) under SQL Server which is backend Server in SharePoint Portal Server environment. I have attached snapshots on How to give SysAdmin rights under SQL Server for reference.

8. Clear “Publisher Certificate Revocation” Check Box under Frontend Server IE(Internet Explorer)
We will clear the check box of Publisher Certificate Revocation under IE from the Frontend Server. We may/can face authentication problem while backup. I have attached snapshots on How to clear Publisher Certificate Revocation check box from IE for reference.

9. Verify that User Account (created in step-2) can login to Sharepoint Resources
Before going to start the backup we will make sure that Netbackup is able to access the Sharepoint resources via the user account which we have created in step-2 means the the user account also have the full rights which we have given in all previous steps. I have attached snapshots on How to verify user account rights on sharepoint portal resources for reference.