How to configure Exchange Granular Backup

Posted on July 15, 2011


Today we are going to configure Exchange Granular Backup. Hope you all will enjoy this basic article to configure How to configure Exchange Granular Backup.

In my environment i have

Netbackup version = NBU 6.5.4
Netbackup OS = Win2003 R2
Exchange version = Exchange Server2003
Exchange OS = Win2003 R2

First create a policy for exchange (see this article to creates a policy to take the backup of exchange server  )to take the backup but make sure you must have selected the Granular backup check as shown in the below snap.

Please follow the below link to meet the prerequesites for Mailbox backups of an Exchange 2000/2003 server via NBU

Now you go to take the Exchange Granular Backup but verify that you are able to browse Mailboxes as below. You can do it by, go to NBU and take the properties of your NBU policy–>Backup Selection tab–> New –> Remote folders –> then see the below window which verify that you are able to see the MailBoxes as the below snap shows .

When you verify the above procedure, which actually shows you the mailbox list, now you are ready for the next step. keep in mind, you have to set up an NFS server properly.

How to setup NFS, there is a link below, kindly follow it properly

The above article is a basic over view of howto do a Exchange Granular Backup. I tried to make it very simple to all.