Exchange backup and restore via Netbackup 6.5 Part-VI

Posted on July 15, 2011


In this part of Exchange Backup and Restore via Netbackup 6.5 Part-VI we show you step by step configuration of the restoration of Microsoft Information Store via Veritas Netbackup 6.5.

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Suppose the Exchange Information Store backup is already been done via Netbackup (if you want to see how to take the backup of Microsoft Information Store see article part-I).
open the Backup, Archive and Restore window–>click on file and then click on SPecify Netbackup Machines and Policy Type and select the SourceDestination and Policy type for restore:

imagebrowser image

Select the backup of Microsoft Information Store which you want to restore as shown in the below figure.

imagebrowser image

After clicking on First Storage Group you can see in the below picture it is just showing the MailBox Store, Log files and Public folder. As the Part-II its not showing the individual MailBoxes.

imagebrowser image

Select the Point in Time Box as highlighted in the below figure. If you also have some differential backups which you want to restore after this full backup then you dont put the check on commit after last backup set is restored. Put the check on this when you are going to restore the last differential or cumulative backup. After check/uncheck click on Start Restore

imagebrowser image

Now you can see that the backup is started restoring the Microsoft Information Store backup in the below figure.

imagebrowser image

After few hours/minutes/seconds(depends on backup size) the backup will be restored and you will find as the below figure showing

imagebrowser image

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