VEA “request to server has timed out” (ERROR V-39-53247-7)

Posted on July 14, 2011


Today i would like to discuss in this BLOG “ERROR V-39-53247-7” OR “request to server has timed out” and i am using SFHA 5.0 with Windows2003 Server R2 operating system.


Actually i was trying to open a node name “Node-1” via VEA tool (Veritas Enterprise Administrator) and node-1 have SFHA5.0 installed and both nodes on same Network but i was not able to open it and facing the below error.2009-10-19_130843.jpg

Actually the problem which i have sorted out is that the DNS was not working properly and thats why the above problem has been occuring.


I simply supplied the DNS entries in the host files on all nodes of everyone. You also correct the DNS in my environment my scenerio was not big thats why i just enter the nodes entries in the host file. You can see the below snapshot for your help.
In the below picture if you see the host files has no entries except the loop back entry which is


in the below picture i supplied the node entries with their host names and IP addresses


After suppling the entries i again tried to open the node via VEA tool and finally i got the window where i able to supply the user name and password. You can see the below window



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