Unable to install Exchange at DR site/Secondary site V-16-13-4417

Posted on July 14, 2011



OS = Win2003 Server R2
Exchange version = 2003 Server
sfha  = 5.1
Primary Site = 2nodes (Node1 and Node2)
Secondary Site = 2nodes (Node3 and Node4)


I am going to create Global Cluster. At primary site i successfully created Exchange cluster which is working fine. Then i created Secondary site Cluster and going to install Exchange Server but faced the below error while Exchange pre installation wizard.


i have attached the logs via vxexplorer on the below post.
(  https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/forums/sym… )

and finally after symantec support it diagnosed that actually when i was going to install the Exchange Server on Node3 and 4 which was the expected nodes of Secondary Site/DR Site but faced the above mentioned error. So what was happening actually the registry was exist of the past Exchange which i installed on the machines but removed the Exchange Server also but the registry was not deleted of the past exchange. So i removed the above registery entries and my problem resolved.

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