Unable to Create Media Server Deduplication Pool

Posted on July 14, 2011


Today i would like to discuss my experience in which i was not able to create the Media Server Deduplication Pool


Win2003 Server R2 64bit


Actually i was trying to use the deduplication option but i was selecting wrong option.

i wanted to use the deduplication future on the NBU server. i had to select the highlighted option “”Media Server Deduplication Pool”” because i did not have any external pure disk and actually i had a free partition for   “”Media Server Deduplication Pool””  but i was selecting the red highlighted option (Pure Disk Deduplication Pool) which actually was a wrong selection in my scenerio. See the picture for your reference


Problem Resolution

first i created a Folder name “”NBU-PurDisk”” in the hard disk drive / partition which i wanted to use for Media Server Deduplication Pool then i ran the above wizard in which i selected “”Media Server Deduplication Pool”” for creating the Srorage Server