Restore Exchange Full Backup with Differential Incremental in Recovery Storage Group on an alternate Exchange Server

Posted on July 14, 2011


1.) Create a temp folder at c:\. if already created empty the temp folder if any storage group folder is present in it.
2.) Remove the folder of RSG from the physical location if exist. For reference/example i attached the snap below for the usual location of RSG physical location.

3.) Create a Recovery Storage Group at destination server(the alternate Exchange server on which you want to restore MailBox),
4.) Right-click the Recovery Storage Group–> Add Database to Recover.  Must not mount the database.  When database mounted, even if it’s dismounted, the restore will fail.

Start Restore
1.) Open the Backup, Archive and Restore
2.) “File” menu, select “Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type“.
3.) Select the NBU Master Server, Source Exchange Server and Destination/Alternate Exchange Server. I attached the snap for your reference below

If you want to restore full backup, Select Full and all Differential Incremental backups. I attached the below snap for your reference.

If you want to restore backup to some extent / till a specific time, so you will select the Full and all Differential Incremental backups till the time you want to restore and leave the other Differential Incremental backups / log files after that differential backups till which the backup you want to restore. i exclude the differential incremental backups which i dont want to restore ,as i marked in the below snap. I attached the below snap for your reference.  

Finally start restore

If you have one full backup and some diferential backup images and If you want to restore the backup images one by one, so dont commit the logs. commit the logs at the time of last restore. See the below snap for your reference