Recovery of Catalog asking multiple paths except asking only Tape cartrige of Catalog backup

Posted on July 14, 2011


Today i would like to discuss very interesting work around in my BLOG. In my this BLOG “”Recovery of Catalog asking multiple paths”” i share the experience in which my Recovery wizard of Catalog (at DR site) asking DSU path of second copy of backup image which actually present at primary site and this thing made me nut…!!!!


I am using Verias Netbackup 6.5 with Win2003 Server

At my primary site i have an online Hot Catalog policy which is taking the backup on tape cartrige. This backup of Catalog is the primary copy. i also have configured multiple copy of this Online Hot Catalog backup which is taking the backup on Disk Storage Unit (DSU) as a second copy. The DSU is on a hard disk drive who’s drive letter is ”L”.

i also have another Veritas Netbackup Server with same configuration at my DR site. i tried to restore my Online Hot Catalog backup from the Tape Cartrige (from Recover the Catalog wizard). After supply the DR file, the wizard is saying me the ”L” drive is missing(as i said that ”L” drive on primary site has a second copy of Online Hot Catalog backup)


i got a work around and removed the entries of my second copy of backup information as shown in the below snap shot. The entries which i have removed highlighted in blue


1.) The above snap shot example will work when you take the primary backup on Tape and second backup on SAN/DSU. if your second copy is tape and you will try to remove the entry of SAN/DSU which have the 1st copy, it will not work. This might be fix in future.
2.) If you are taking the backup of Catalog on a single tape and you did not mention second copy then the Catalog restore will work 100% fine.