Howto Install Veritas Netbackup Server (Quick Guide)

Posted on July 14, 2011



In the below exercise we will install Veritas Netbackup Server 7.0 on a Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition on a Single machine with both roles, Master Server and Media Server.


  • Netbackup Server version = 7.0 (Note: to update your Veritas Netbackup Server visit latest patches)
  • OS = win2003 Server ENterprise Edition with SP2
  • To start this exercise we must have a valid license key for Veritas Netbackup Server.

To start the installation of Veritas Netbackup Server execute the Browser.exe file from Netbackup Server media CD/DVD.


Now select the installation TAB and click on Server Software Installation. There is a snap below for reference

Now click on RUN button

After clicking the RUN button you will find the below window. Click on NEXT from the below window.

After click on NEXT button above accept the license agreement and again click on NEXT from the below window

Now below you will find two type of Installation Typical and Custom. Click on NEXT to processed for the NEXTstep.

Note: If you want to install the Veritas Netbackup Administration Console click on Custom and only select the Console.

Provide the valid license key in the license key box and click on Netbackup Master Server. There is also a snap below for reference.

Now in the below window provide the Master Server name in the Master Server Name box and click on NEXT..

Now click on Installation to start the installation of Veritas Netbackup Server.

Now you have successfully installed the Netbackup Server. Finally click on Finish as the below wndows showing. You can also add Additional License Keys for other Netbackup options.