How to change secondary backup image to primary

Posted on July 14, 2011


How can we replace the backup image position from secondary to primary

Note:- Why we need to do this?
One main reason can be, the primary image keeping place damage/corrupted/crashed

How can we achieve this? Because by default the backup restores from the first/primary copy

Few days before i got stuck in a issue. Basically i have Netbackup Server 6.5 with win2003 server. i was taking SQL 2005 backup successfully. At the Netbackup Agent–>Netbackup SQL Agent we browse the backups and also make the SQL restore script for restore without any problem.
i am taking multiple copies of backups. My primary copy of backup is going on Tape and secondary backup is going on SAN drive.

By default when we browse the backups from Netbackup Agent–>Netbackup SQL Agent it shows the 1st copy/primary copy of backup from the storage which we select as the first storage in the policy. as shown in the figure below

imagebrowser image

I just went to catalog and search the secondary copy of backup and select the particular backup which i wanted to restore and right click on that image and then clicked on Set Primary Copy. and finally the secondry copy converts in to the primary/1st copy and ready to restore. See the picture below

imagebrowser image