How Netbackup takes flat files backup which constantly open

Posted on July 14, 2011


Today i will discuss the problem happened with my flat files which contineously open and i had to take the backup but the backup was not being able to completed successfully. i always found it completed partially.

in my scenerio i have Veritas Netbackup 6.5 with MS windows2003.

Go to the exact location as shown in the below figure of Veritas Netbackup Server

imagebrowser image

Select the TAB “Windows Open File Backup” and click on ADD

imagebrowser image

After clicking on ADD you add the computer whose falt files you want to backup which(files) open constantly and then click on OK

imagebrowser image
Now select the clients from the left pane as shown in the figure and double click on the client name which you find from the right pane

imagebrowser image
Now you will find the below window after double clicking on client which you did in the previously step

imagebrowser image

Now come to VSP as shown in the below figure. here you will find the default figure is 5 in the Busy Files Settings

imagebrowser image

Now change the Busy Files Settings from 5 to 3

imagebrowser image

After doing this my backup which was doing partially successfull end with successfully completed.

Note:- Why the backup completed successfully after changes the value of Busy File Settings from 5 to 3 ?

Busy File Wait =5 seconds
Netbackup needs at least 5 seconds of quiet time to be able to backup. So if the file is not quiet for at least 5 seconds the backup will skip it.

Busy File Wait =3 seconds
This value lowered the amout of time the file needs to be quiet for the backup to work. this means that if a file normally quiet for 4 seconds would be skipped in the first example because     Netbackup requires 5 seconds, and it would be backuped up in the second instance because NBU ONLY needs 3 seconds.

The Busy file wait property specifies how long VSP waits for a quiet period before a snapshot is created. A quiet period is a time during which no file write-activity occurs on the drive being snapped using VSP. (Default: 5 seconds.)

Please note that having a value lower than 5 seconds is not reccomended because even though the backups works, the snapshot created in 3 seconds may not be consistent since 3 seconds are not enough.

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