failed to verify backup –rc(25)

Posted on July 14, 2011


While restore of BMR backup , at the stage of DDR (Dissimilar Disk Restore) i faced an error “”failed to verify backup –rc(25)


Netbackup = 6.5.5
BMR backup Client OS = win2003 R2


The restore has stopped due to the following error :
failed to verify backup –rc(25)


Actually i was giving a free IP Address before DDR stage which IP Address was not the IP Address which was on Machine/PC at the time of taking BMR backup.

Some helpful material while BMR restore

To determine the root cause on the restoring client:

1. Cancel and exit from the restore wizard.  This should place you in the main menu.
2. Move the mouse to a location in the upper left hand corner of the mains screen, near the gear shape icon. When the mouse pointer changes from an arrow to a hand, right click the mouse.  This will open a command line window.
3. Change directory to X:\BMR\NBU\bin.
4. Execute the command:
bpclimagelist -client $CLNT_NAME -T

The ‘echo’ command will display the return code of the command.

The bpclimagelist command will fail to gather catalog backup image information for the following reasons:

1. Could not contact the Master Server (rc=25)
This will happen if the client has the connected on the wrong interface port or has invalid/incomplete
host name and ip-address information for the Master Server. The fact that the client could
initially access the client configuration is not relevant.  At the time of the failure, the client
network interfaces were modified to match what was in the restore configuration specified
for the restore.  The values entered on the first input page have been modified to match the
configuration values.
2. The Master Server could not respond back to the client port (rc=23)
Possible causes  are missing client  reverse lookup information, either in the Server’s DNS entries
or hosts file or invalid routing back to the client.
3.  The Master Server does not see the restoring client as a valid client (rc=131, 133, 135)
The ip-address used by the client resolved to a different name than in the configuration, or the
client does not have permission to perform list/restore requests.  One way to resolve this is to
place a temporary entry in the ‘hosts’ file of the Master Server and Media Server. This entry
must match the data information found in the ‘Network Interfaces’
section of the restore configuration used for the restore.
Also check the “Host Properties -> Master Server -> Client Attributes” of the  Administration Console
to ensure that the client has permissions to perform list and restore operations.

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