[Error] V-126-3 ‘bmrprep’ could not complete the requested operation

Posted on July 14, 2011


Today in my BLOG i will discuss an error which i was facing in “prepare to restore” name [Error] V-126-3 ‘bmrprep’ could not complete the requested operation””


Veritas Netbackup Server 6.5
OS win2003 R2
Client OS whose backup i willing to restore win2003R2


I was facing an error when i was doing a “”prepare to restore”” so i can restore the BMR backup. As i click on “”Prepare to Restore”” i face the error
[Error] V-126-3 ‘bmrprep’ could not complete the requested operation””

I also got a document which was saying me to upgrade Veritas 6.5 to Veritas 6.5.4 and the problem will be resolved


Actually i copied the TPSpdc(current) as TPSPDC-NEW and i was trying prepare to restore the TPSPDC-NEW and facing the mentioned error. What i did , i actually removed the TPSPDC-NEW and again made a copy from tpspdc(current) and my problem is resolved. See my below picture for your help


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