Error reported by media operation: resource request failed

Posted on July 14, 2011


Today i would like to discuss a very tiny error which i faced while giving the label to the tape cartridge on an standalone tape drive



Netbackup Server = version 7

OS of Netbackup = Win2003 R2

Tape Drive = Standalone with 4mm density

Tape Cartridge = 36/72 GB with 4mm density


Prerequisite which i did

1.) bpexpdate -d 0 -m A00000                                       (successful run)

2.) vmadd -m A11111 -mt 4mm -p 1                               (successful run)



bplabel -m A11111 -d 4mm -o -p Netbackup -u 0

Error reported by media operation: resource request failed



I was doing mistake while writing the Volume Pool name Netbackup not NetBackup (case sensitive)

I corrected the Label command as below:

bplabel -m A11111 -d 4mm -o -p NetBackup -u 0