Disk Group(on ISCSI SAN) is not importing automatically after restart (in WIndows2003)

Posted on July 14, 2011


I would like to share the problem which I have faced earlier.

when I restart the PC the Disk Group is not being able to import automatically. I had to import it after restart the PC.

i had windows 2003 enterprise server with service pack 1 and i was using the ISCSI Virtual SAN which was connected via cross cable with a 1GIG speed and was using Microsoft ISCSI initiator version 2.02.
In my Storage Foundation 5.1the boot disk is in the default Disk Group name BasicGroup which contain one disk drive with 2 volumes (and the hard disk was physically attached)….
and the other DG which i want to import automatically name ABC which also contain one another hard disk drive with one volume.(and this hard disk is a shared iscsi SAN disk)…This drive’s Disk Group is not being able to import automatically

i tried to follow link ( http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/273694.htm ) and used this particular command (vxdg -g [disk group] latestart on )but got the below error
Failed to complete the operation…
V-40-49408-1: An unexpected error occured.

i had noticed that i was not able to view this service ( Veritas DG Delayed Import Service ) in the Administration Tool–>Services and that’s why I feel that I am not able to run this command ( vxdg -g [disk group] latestart on )

1.) I just installed win2003R2 with Microsoft iscsi initiator version 2.08 and able to view the service ( Veritas DG Delayed Import Service ) and ran the command vxdg -g DGname latestart on and finally able to import the Disk Group automatically after restart.

2.) I also tried this on Diskgroups which are on physical Hard DIsk Drives. Although first time i faced this problem on Diskgroup which hosted on ISCSI SAN.

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