Advice for Veritas Netbackup Server

Posted on July 14, 2011


Today I would like to share an idea through which an additional functionality or add-on in Veritas Netbackup Server takes the backup of Veritas Netbackup Clients Data over Symantec Internet Site / Symantec Internet Servers as additional copy or secondary copy which may be paid, free or need license and the Servers are like Cloud Computers

Note: My point here is not to discuss about payment, licensing or free storage over Internet. The point is just to save the backup images over Symantec Internet Site / Symantec Internet Servers


Some additional thoughts:

These copies are just like the multiple copies which we make under Netbackup Server. There may also the ability to set the retention period for those backup images as the retention for normal backup images so that the Storage could be free for other/new backups and multiple policies can backup on those Storage available on Symantec Internet Site / Symantec Internet Servers. There may also a SSL or encryption between Veritas Netbackup Server and the Cloud or Symantec Internet Servers.