SQL backup is not able to view/Browse on other Netbackup Clients ( A RED color arrow under Restore Microsoft Server Objects )

Posted on July 13, 2011




I am trying to perform a redirect/alternate client restore. What the problem i am facing is, i am not able to view the backup of my SQL Server under Restore Microsoft Server Objects on other NBU Clients except the one on which i took the Backup of SQL Server and there is a RED color arrow with downards direction. See the picture for your reference




NBU Server = 6.5.5

OS of NBU Server = win2003 with SP2

SQL Server = 2005

NBU Client version on other Machines = 6.5.0

NBU Client version on Source Machine where we can see the Backup = 6.5.5



I have already seen the section “Redirecting a restore to a different host” in the MSSQL Admin Guide. I also confirmed that i have the below settings.

I have created a file No.Restrictions under below path:
install_path\NetBackup\db\altnames\No.Restrictions, to
allow unrestricted redirected restore privileges



Those NBU Clients ( for example Machine A , Machine B ) who were not able to browse the SQL Backups of a specific NBU Client( for example Machine C ) just because those other NBU Clients ( Machine A , Machine B ) have the NBU Clients version 6.5.0 and the Machine C have NBU client version 6.5.5


I just upgraded the NBU Client version to 6.5.5 and my problem is resolved.